The Main Mission of Vertulonix is "To build cost for Customers through revolutionary use of Technology, Support, Service and Customer Referrals". The Moto of Vertulonix is to encourage and uplift the rural and Semi-urban students inside the discipline of technology and create in them an entire self assurance and also shield the economically backward college students of the society. To mould the students into actual people via equipping them with moral and human values. To make the scholars get to recognize the practicality of human life and feel the pulse of belonging to the entire globe. In guiding them to earn cozy careers which will live fortuitously and make a contribution their offerings for the quicker development of the kingdom.

The Main imaginative and prescient of Vertulonix is “To be a key player in deployment of Knowledge and Technology, By Producing and Providing Versatile and Resourceful Professionals to the developing Industries". The imaginative and prescient of Vertulonix is to involve their college students in Engineering Research and make them excel in Quality Education. In the years yet to come its vision is to hold its college students inside the forefront in Engineering and Technological Education. Moreover it ought to remain for all time a world magnificence organization for technological training and medical studies for public excellent.