Concrete Projects 2018-19

Study And analysis of concrete strength parameters using Red mud as a partial Replacement of binder content with and without Hydrated Lime

An Experimental Study On Rubberized Concrete

Experimental study on properties of strength and durability of concrete by partial replacement of fine aggregate with copper slag and cement with egg shell power for M30 and M40 grade of concrete

Experimental investigation on strength and durability parameters of concrete replacing cement by glass powder in concrete with different dosages for M25 and M30 grade concrete

Effect of nano silica on the compressive strength of concrete

Stress-strain behavior of confined normal grade concrete

Experimental investigation on partial replacement of cement with dolomite powder

Behavior of geopolymer concrete

Study of concrete made using fly ash aggregates

Mechanical behavior of self compacting and self curing concrete

An experimental investigation on mechanical properties of concrete with grapheme oxide

Effect of different steel fibers on strength parameters of self compacting concrete

Partial replacement of cement by ground granulated blast furnace slag in concrete

Effect of fiber length and percentage of sisal on strength of concrete

Strength and permeability properties of concrete using fly ash, Rice husk ash and egg shell powder

Effect of replacement of natural sand by manufactured sand on the properties of cement mortar

Utilization of demolished concrete waste for new construction

Experimental study on geo polymer concrete by using glass fibers

A study on behavior of marble dust in concrete pavement

The suitability of crushed over burnt bricks as coarse aggregates for concrete

Experimental investigations of coarse aggregate recycled concrete

Experimental investigation on strength of glass power replacement by cement in concrete with different dosages

Partial replacement of coarse aggregates by expanded polystyrene beds in concrete

Improvement of strength of concrete with partial replacement of coarse aggregates with coconut shell and coir fibers