Digital Communication Projects 2018-19

Iterative Learning Control Assisted Neural Network for Digital Predistortion of MIMO Power Amplifier

DECCO: Deep-Learning Enabled Coverage and Capacity Optimization for Massive MIMOSystems

Nonlinear Equalization with Deep Learning for Multi-Purpose Visual MIMOCommunications

Composite Learning Control of MIMO Systems With Applications

Pilot Contamination Attack Detection for NOMA in Mm-Wave and Massive MIMO 5G Communication

Nonlinear Equalization with Deep Learning for Multi-Purpose Visual MIMOCommunications

Supervised-Learning-Aided Communication Framework for MIMO Systems With Low-Resolution ADCs

Ultra-Reliable Communication in 5G mmWave Networks: A Risk-Sensitive Approach

Deep Learning Based Pilot Allocation Scheme (DL-PAS) for 5G Massive MIMO System

Pilot contamination mitigation in massive MIMO-based 5G wireless communicationnetworks

Dictionary Learning-Based Sparse Channel Representation and Estimation for FDD Massive MIMO Systems

A Machine Learning Approach to Blind Modulation Classification for MIMO Systems

Safeguarding multiuser communication using full-duplex jamming and Q-learning algorithm

Reinforcement-learning-aided ML detector for uplink massive MIMO systems with low-precision ADCs

Bayesian Channel Estimation Algorithms for Massive MIMO Systems With Hybrid Analog-Digital Processing and Low-Resolution ADCs

FDD Downlink Channel Estimation Solution With Common Sparsity Learning Algorithm and Zero-Partition Enhanced GAMP Algorithm

Blind Digital Modulation Identification for MIMO Systems in Railway Environments With High-Speed Channels and Impulsive Noise

Analytical Approximation-Based Machine Learning Methods for User Positioning in Distributed Massive MIMO

Transmit Antenna Selection in MIMO Wiretap Channels: A Machine Learning Approach

Achievable Rates and Spectral Efficiency Analysis in Massive MIMO Systems with MMSE Channel Estimation

Theoretical Performance Analysis Assisted by Machine Learning for Spatial Permutation Modulation (SPM) in Slow-Fading Channels

Combined Message Passing Based SBL With Dirichlet Process Prior for Sparse Signal Recovery With Multiple Measurement Vectors

Realizing Green Symbol Detection via Reservoir Computing: An Energy-Efficiency Perspective

A Machine Learning Framework for Resource Allocation Assisted by Cloud Computing

Multilevel Cloud Detection in Remote Sensing Images Based on Deep Learning

Detection for 5G-NOMA: An Online Adaptive Machine Learning Approach

Generalized Synchronization Algorithms for FBMC-OQAM Systems

Digital Communication Projects 2018

Transceiver Design and Power Allocation for Full-Duplex MIMO Communication Systems with Spectrum Sharing Radar

Spatial- and Frequency-Wideband Effects in Millimeter-Wave Massive MIMO Systems

MIMO Radar and Cellular Coexistence: A Power-Efficient Approach Enabled by Interference Exploitation

A Data-Aided Channel Estimation Scheme for Decoupled Systems in Heterogeneous Networks

Efficient and Low Complex Uplink Detection for 5G Massive MIMO Systems

Physically Securing Energy-Based Massive MIMO MAC via Joint Alignment of Multi-User Constellations and Artificial Noise

Robust massive MIMO Equilization for mm Wave systems with low resolution ADCs

BER Enhancement for 1-bit ADC MIMO-CEM System Using Selective Channel Coding Technique

Optimal Transmit Antenna Selection for Massive MIMO Wiretap Channels

High-Rate Ultrasonic Through-Wall Communications using MIMO-OFDM

Joint AoD, AoA, and Channel Estimation for MIMO-OFDM Systems

SUMMeR: Sub-Nyquist MIMO Radar

Channel estimation and hybrid precoding for frequency selective multiuser mmWave MIMO systems

Direct-Detection PDM-OFDM RoF System for 60-GHz 2x2 MIMO Wireless transmission without Polarization Tracking

Optimal Discrete Spatial Compression for Beam space Massive MIMO Signals

Channel reciprocity calibration in TDD hybrid beamforming massive MIMO systems

Multipair Massive MIMO Relaying Systems with One-Bit ADCs and DACs

Over-Sampling Codebook-Based Hybrid Minimum Sum-Mean-Square-Error Precoding for Millimeter-Wave 3D-MIMO

Diversity Gain Analysis of SFN-STBC Digital Terrestrial TV System Using Dual Polarized MIMO Antenna

MIMO-OFDM Radar Using a Linear Frequency Modulated Carrier to Reduce Sampling Requirements

Near-Optimal Pilot Signal Design for FDD Massive MIMO System: An Energy-Efficient Perspective

Uplink Channel Estimation in Massive MIMO Systems Using Factor Analysis

Large scale MU-MIMO UPLINK channel estimation using sounding reference signal

Two High-performance Schemes of Transmit Antenna Selection for Secure Spatial Modulation

Spectral Efficiency of Mixed-ADC Massive MIMO

Joint AoD, AoA, and Channel Estimation for MIMO-OFDM Systems

SUMMeR: Sub-Nyquist MIMO Radar

Performance Evaluation of Dual-Polarized MIMO Ultra-Multilevel OFDM Using NU-QAM under Mobile Reception

Constant Envelope Hybrid Precoding for Directional Millimeter-Wave Communications

Framework of Channel Estimation for Hybrid Analog-and-Digital Processing Enabled Massive MIMO Communications

Digital Communication Projects 2017

Clipping Noise Mitigation in Optical OFDM Systems

Mobility-Aware Caching in D2D Networks

A Novel Hybrid CFO Estimation Scheme for UFMC-Based Systems

PAPR reduction scheme PTS system

An Enhanced MMSE Subchannel Decision Feedback Equalizer with ICI Suppression for FBMC/OQAM Systems

PAPR Reduction in OFDM using Reduced Complexity PTS with Companding

Walsh-Hadamard Precoded Circular Filterbank Multicarrier Communications


Advanced Blanking Nonlinearity for Mitigating Impulsive Interference in OFDM Systems