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Corporate Training

Our R&D programs help corporate resources to learn the art of creative thinking and experience cutting edge tools and techniques used by successful innovators in VLSI\CS\IT\Embedded domains. Please contact us to learn and experience creative thinking, and to create solutions to problems faced by your organization
Eligibility Criteria : B.Tech/B.E/M.E/M.S/M.Tech in ECE/EEE/EIE/CS/CE/IT and Telecom or B.Sc/M.Sc in Electronics/Embedded Systems/Computer Science/Information Technology Corporate training will be provided on your level of experiences.

4 week / 6 week Programs : Learning Only (EL – Experience level)

3 month Programs : 6 weeks Learning + 6 weeks Project (EL – Experience level & XL – Expert level)

6 month Programs : 3 months Learning + 3 months Live Project ( EL – Experience level & XL – Expert level )

Online Training

Here we are providing online training for corporate employees, M.Tech or B.Tech students, or any other embedded learners through online. Wherever you are in the world we will provide on excellent training through embedded expertise.

This online program will be useful for Working employees, Students and Physically challenged persons.

We will provide training through the Skype, team viewer.

We are already deals project through the nation and foreign countries also like USA, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Programming in C

a) Introduction to C Programming

b) Types and Operators

c) Control Flow

d) Definition and Declaration, Header Files, Scope & Lifetime- Storage Class

e) Introduction to pointers

f) Bit level manipulation

g) Standard IO function

h) Functions

Programming Atmel microcontroller using Atmel Studio

a) Peripheral programming in Embedded C [GPIO’s,Timers,Counters,Interrupts,Serial ports etc]

b) Best coding and debugging technique

Programming Microchip microcontroller using KEIL

a) Peripheral programming in Embedded C [GPIO’s,Timers,Counters,Interrupts,Serial ports etc

b) Best coding and debugging technique