Power System Coding papers Projects 2018-19

Security Games for Risk Minimization in Automatic Generation Control

CA Framework for Optimal Placement of Energy Storage Units Within a Power System With High Wind Penetration

A Current Based Model for Load Flow Studies With UPFC

Distribution Loss Allocation for Radial Systems Including DGs

Power Loss Minimization in Distribution System Using Network Reconfiguration in the Presence of Distributed Generation

PSO Based Fuzzy Stochastic Long-term Model for Deployment of Distributed Energy Resources in Distribution Systems with Several Objectives

Evolutionary Programming Based Optimal Placement of Renewable Distributed Generators

Optimal Protection Coordination for Microgrids With Grid-Connected and Islanded Capability

Adaptive Load Shedding Based on Combined Frequency and Voltage Stability Assessment Using Synchrophasor Measurements

Load Frequency Control of a Multi-Area Power System: An Adaptive Fuzzy Logic Approach

A Multiobjective Particle Swarm Optimization for Sizing and Placement of DGs from DG Owner’s and Distribution Company’s Viewpoints

Economic Allocation for Energy Storage System Considering Wind Power Distribution

Multiple Distributed Generator Placement in Primary Distribution Networks for Loss Reduction

Optimal capacitor placement and sizing in radial electric power systems

Economic Viability of Application of FACTS Devices for Reducing Generating Costs

A Novel Seeker Optimization Approach for Solving Combined Economic and Emission Dispatch

Optimal Allocation of DG Units for Radial Distribution Systems using Genetic Algorithm

DG Allocation for Benefit Maximization in Distribution Networks

Comparison of Facts Devices to Relieve Congestion in Deregulated Power Sector by Using Fuzzy Technique

Fault Classification and Faulted Phase Selection Based on the Symmetrical Components of Reactive Power for Single-Circuit Transmission Lines

Improvement of Power System Transient Stability by PV Farm With Fuzzy Gain Scheduling of PID Controller

Solar PV and Battery Storage Integration using a New Configuration of a Three-Level NPC Inverter With Advanced Control Strategy

Voltage-Source Control of PV Inverter in a CERTS Microgrid

Improved Active Power Filter Performance for Renewable Power Generation Systems

Integrating VSCs to Weak Grids by Nonlinear Power Damping Controller With Self-Synchronization Capability

Enhancement of Power System Stability and Cost Minimization using Fuzzified Improved Particle Swarm Optimization in a Power System

Distribution Loss Allocation for Radial Systems Including DGs

A Hybrid Wind-Solar Energy System using Double-port Interface in a Micro grid

Simulated Control System Design of a Multilevel STATCOM for Reactive Power Compensation

A Control Scheme for Storageless DVR Based on Characterization of Voltage Sags

A Multifunctional DSTATCOM Operating Under Stiff Source

A Simplified Control Technique for a Dual Unified Power Quality Conditioner

A Speed-Sensorless Start-Up Method of an Induction Motor Driven by a Modular Multilevel Cascade Inverter (MMCI-DSCC)

A Three-Phase Inverter for a Standalone Distributed Generation System: Adaptive Voltage Control Design and Stability Analysis

Adaptive PI Control of STATCOM for Voltage Regulation

Design and Implementation of Fuzzy Unit Commitment of Maximum Power Point Tracking Designed for 1kW Solar Photovoltaic

Improvement of Power System Stability Using SFCL in Electric Power Grid under Voltage Unbalance conditions

Coordinated Control Strategy of Solar Photovoltaic Generators with MPPT and Battery Storage in Micro Grids

Network Reconfiguration for Power Loss Minimization in Distribution System Using Optimization Techniques in the Presence of Distributed Generation

Power Flow Methods for Loss Allocation in Radial Distribution Networks with DG’s

Power Loss Minimization in Distribution System Using Network Reconfiguration in the Presence of Distributed Generation

A New VSC-HVDC Model for Power Flows Using the Newton-Raphson Method

A Novel Approach to Determine the Optimal Location of SFCL in Electric Power Grid to Improve Power System Stability

Voltage Stability Improvement and Reduce Power System Losses by Bacterial Foraging Optimization Based Location of FACTS Devices

Analytical Approaches for Optimal Placement of Distributed Generation Sources in Power Systems

A Current Based Model for Load Flow Studies With UPFC

Resonant Switched-Capacitor Converters for Sub-module Distributed Photovoltaic Power Management

Modeling and Analysis of a Nonlinear Adaptive Filter Control for Interline Unified Power Quality Conditioner

Fault Current Interruption by the Dynamic Voltage Restorer

Study on Voltage Unbalance Improvement Using SFCL in Power Feed Network With Electric Railway System

Power System Stability Enhancement Under Three Phase Fault with FACTS Devices TCSC, STATCOM and UPFC